Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goal Setting

Goal Setting
  • Short term – what you can reach in 2-3 weeks (steps to help you reach your big long term goal)
    • These should be easy to reach
    • May last 1 week to 1 month
    • Might need many short term goals to meet your long term goal
    • 1 long term goal might require 3 or 4 short term goals
  • Long term – Your big picture 
Goal setting
  • Make sure your goals are realistic 
  • Have a clear picture of what it is you want out of life
    •  Fit a specific dress or outfit
    • Weigh a certain weight
    • Be able to lift a specific weight
    • And on and on
  • What are your current behaviors and habits that you want to change 
    • Smoking
    • Drinking
    • Over eating
    • Live an isolated life
  • Don’t set to many goals that you lose site of the big picture 
  • Look at the wording of those goals “Smoke free” vs “Not Smoking

Use the following chart to help you create and maintain your goals.


Click here to download the Goal Template