Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Workout

Warm-up:  5-10 min
  • Walk 3 laps or jog 6 laps (indoor track)
  • Stretch hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves, pects, lats, lower back and neck 
    • Hold stretch 2x20 sec each stretch
    • 1 min of Jumping jacks (substitute 3 lap walk or jog for jumping jacks if needed)
Resistance Training (sets x reps) Perform the highest weight possible that you can do 15-20 reps with.
                Alternate your upper body days from your lower body days.
                Rest 45-60 seconds in between sets
  • Upper Body (Substitute the machine with either a cable unit, bench, ball or simple tandem standing to increase the level of difficulty)
    • Tricep press (2 x 15)
    •  Bicep Curl (2x15)
    • Overhead Military Press on ball (2x15)
    • Chest press on ball (2x15)
    • Lat Pull down (2x15)
    • Back Row (2x15)
  • Lower Body (feel free to add in free weights to increase the level of difficulty)
    • Step ups (2x2 min)
    • Ball Wall Squats (2x15)
    • Side Lunges (2x15)
    • Kettlebell Swings (2x15)
    • Single Leg Squats (2x15 each leg)
    • High Knees or March in place (2x1 min)
Cool Down
  • Walk 3 laps or jog 6 laps (indoor track)
  • Stretch hamstrings, quads, glutes, hip adductors, hip external rotators, calves, pects, lats and lower back
    • Hold stretch for 2x20 sec each stretch

Core + Cardio 2-3xweek (no resistance training on these days)
  • Do regular warm up
  • Perform 30-40 min (or as much as tolerable)  of cardio (Elliptical, stationary bike or other)
    • Core 
      • Supermans (2x15-20)
      • Standard Crunches (2x15-20)
      • Cable Chops (2x15 each side)
      • Do regular cool down

Weight loss tip:  Decrease your daily caloric intake by 100 calories and increase your daily caloric output by 200-300 calories each day. Don’t get discouraged the average person will only lose ½ pound a week. 

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