Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work Relaxation

Take Time to Relax at Work

Here are ten quick and easy ways to relax while at work to reduce stress, aid in improving your circulation, calm your eyes, and lift your spirit.

1.       Putting a plant at your desk will bring you back to nature. A simple and easy plant to take care of is a lucky bamboo plant. They are cheap and require very little care.

2.       Give yourself extra time to get there. Whether it is a business meeting or for your work shift. Make sure that you arrive at your destination early. This will calm your spirit and save you from the stress of running late.

3.       Give your eyes and yourself a rest for 10 to 15 minutes. In other words, take a nap. A little shut eye never hurt anyone and a little rest can revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

4.       Play soothing music at your desk or office. Your mind can be calmed by the soothing power of music. Please, make sure that it is OK to play music at your work station before actually pressing play. Remember that our goal here is relaxation.

5.       Take a moment to take some deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose until you feel the air fill up your entire body and breathe out through your mouth. Do this three to four times, or until you feel relaxed.

6.       Try to maintain a clutter free desk. Looking at a messy desk will stress you out by making you think that there is unfinished business. A clean desk also gives the image that you are on top of your game and that you can finish your work.

7.       Clean up your email inbox. Like having a messy desk; having a messy inbox can also stress you out by making you think that there is unfinished business. A good way to keep your email box is to immediately delete email that you know are of no importance to you, and to respond as soon as possible to those that pertain to you.

8.       Laugh with a co-worker. Laughter truly is the best medicine, and it is best when shared with someone you like.

9.       If possible change your light bulbs. Fluorescents can be straining to the eye, so replace them with LED lights that are easier on the eye and save just as much energy.

10.   Meditate for 5 to ten minutes. A meditation is different than a nap. When you meditate you can either try to clear your mind of all thoughts or of something pleasant. When you meditate; focus on your breathing, close your eyes, and remove all negative or bad thoughts from your mind. Some people might find it important to play calm and soothing music in the background.  

*****Oh, yes, and stretch! Don't forget to stretch. Sitting at a desk for several hours can be very hard on the body and can make it tense up. Stretching is a good way to get the body moving and to reduce injury risks that can stem from repetitiousness motions.. 

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