Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Workout

December Workout
Focus on Stability by Using the Stability Tempo Training Method

Warm-up:  5-10 min
·         Stretch hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves, pects, lats and lower back and neck muscles
o   Hold stretch for 2x20 sec each stretch
·         5 – 10 minute warm-up. Take your pick (The idea is to get warm and to break a sweat)
·         30 sec Jumping Jacks / 30 sec Jump Rope / 30 sec  Heismans

Stability Tempo Training* (sets x reps) Perform 2-3 sets and 12-20 reps of any exercise of your choice. This is a great method when you are rehabilitating an injury, trying to regain stability in your joints, or simply want to create muscle tone by focusing on an entire body workout.This should be done on alternating days and is not intended to be done on consecutive days

·         Learning the tempo
o   The tempo focuses on time intervals between concentric/eccentric/isometric contractions
o   The stability tempo is 1/4/2 (not necessarily in seconds, but in counts…you can pick the tempo)
§  Concentric contraction (1 count) is the shortening of the muscle. Think of this as the action the muscle makes during the lifting period
§  Eccentric (4 counts) contraction is the lengthening of the muscle. This is the movement that takes place when returning to the starting position
§  Isometric (2 counts) contraction is when you are actively contracting the targeted muscle group, but there is no change in the size of the angle within the joint. In other words there is a contraction, but no movement.
o   You will want to select weight that is about 60 percent of your 1 rep max, or the equivalent of weight that you can lift 12-15 times without getting tired.

*Performing your chosen exercises on an unstable surface (Swiss ball, foam, single legged, or in  tandem) will increase the difficulty level in your stability training program.   

Cool Down
·         Walk 800m or jog  ½ mile laps
·         Stretch hamstrings, quads, glutes, hip adductors, hip external rotators, calves, pects, lats and lower back
o   Hold stretch for 2x20 sec each stretch

Core + Cardio 2-3xweek (no resistance training on these days)
·         Do regular warm up
·         Perform 30-40 min (or as much as tolerable)  of cardio (Elliptical, stationary bike or other)
o   Core – pick three or more of your favorite core exercises and perform them to fatigue three to four times each (Don’t forget that your glutes are part of your core) 
·         Do regular cool down

Weight loss tipWind sprints are a great way to increase your fat burn.   

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