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I usually do not endorse people or products, but I had recently received an email from Jeff Cavaliere regarding a recent
question that he had received from someone that was having difficulty gaining muscle mass, also known as a hard gainer. His statement was short and to the point. Here is what Jeff had to say. It sounds simple, and in some ways the solution is simple. It is putting all of the pieces together and sticking with a plan. I have been following Jeff for several years, and his workouts are fun, yet challenging, and his nutrition information is well researched.  

"1.  Not training HARD ENOUGH!
That's right.  I said, not training HARD ENOUGH.  Training
hard DOES NOT mean doing 2 hour workouts, two-a-days
or 24 sets per bodypart!  In fact, if my experience training
top pro athletes has proven one thing to me it's that you
can either train hard OR you can train long...but
you CAN'T DO BOTH!  Absolutely 100% True.
2.  Eating A Lot...But Eating The WRONG FOODS!
I know what you're thinking.  You already eat A TON but
you still can't manage to build muscle or gain weight!  Well
it's because you're probably eating what your body would
consider "non-constructive" calories!  Think about it.  If you
want to build a sturdy house you need to build it from high
quality, sturdy materials.  You can't build a brick house
out of straw!
3.  Not mixing up their exercises often enough!
This is such a common mistake!  Those finding it difficult
to add lean muscle usually keep doing the same things
every single workout...never giving their body a reason to
HAVE TO respond with new muscle growth!  What's worse is
the vicious cycle continues when they DO try to mix
it up but wind up following magazine recommendations
from bodybuilders using massive amounts of drugs to look
and workout the way they do!  Then they become frustrated
and some even quit all together."


Jeff Cavaliere is one of the premier fitness experts and physical therapists in the country.  Having spent 3 years as the head physical therapist and strength coach for the New York Mets, author of the “Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint” and as a frequent contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine, Cavaliere is relied upon by his many professional athlete and celebrity clients to get them in the best shape of their lives for either the long grueling season ahead or for the scrutiny of the red carpet.  No stranger to the demands of his performance driven clients, Jeff excels in creating programs that not only work, but produce unparalleled results in the shortest time possible.   Known for his cutting edge training techniques and fun but challenging delivery, it is easy to see why Cavaliere is the perhaps the most sought after young trainer in the country today.  When being your best is your priority, there is no substitution for who is best suited to get you there, Jeff Cavaliere…Voted Top 50 Trainer In The USA by Men’s Fitness Magazine 2008 and Finalist for the PFP Top Fitness Professional of the Year 2010

Here is a link to his website: AthleanX

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