Tuesday, February 21, 2012

App of the Week

I thought that I would expand my blog to incorporate various other methods for maintaining health and fitness. This includes apps, workouts, and videos.

Today's App of the Week belongs to a great abdominal training application. Anyone that has used the 8 Minute Abs workout will testify that it is well worth it. 8 Minute Abs trains the muscles both for strength and endurance. There are 3 different levels and they are well researched and well paired. You will target your obliques along with your rectus abdominis. If your goal is a four or six pack than this app will help you get there.

 My recommendation to you is to pay for the video downloads. They aren't expensive. Plus, you will save on data usage and be able to play the videos in Air Plane mode so that you don't get interrupted by phone calls or texts.

On the Android Market

8 Minute Abs

Also available at the iTunes App Store

Give it a try:

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