Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Workout

February Workout

Keep the cold out by incorporating full body interval training

Warm-up:  5-10 min
  • ·         Stretch hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves, pects, lats and lower back and neck muscles
    •        Hold stretch for 2x20 sec each stretch
  • ·         15 min Triathlon warm-up (5 min row, 5 min row, & 5 min jog or run)
  • ·         30 sec High Knees / 30 sec Jump Rope / 30 sec  Monster Walks

Total Body Interval Training

                Do 60 seconds of each exercise (or as many as you can in 60 sec) and rest for 30 sec. Rest for 2 min after each circuit. Do this interval workout for as many circuits as possible.  Meaning:  see how far you can take it. Push yourself! This should be a challenging workout.

·         Interval Circuit
o   Mountain Climbers
o   Pull-ups
o   BW Squats
o   Glute Bridges
o   Push-ups
o   Lunges

Cool Down
·         Walk 800m or jog  ½ mile laps
·         Stretch hamstrings, quads, glutes, hip adductors, hip external rotators, calves, pects, lats and lower back

Core + Cardio 2-3xweek (no resistance training on these days)
·         Do regular warm up
·         Perform 30-40 min (or as much as tolerable)  of cardio (Elliptical, stationary bike or other)
o   Core – pick three or more of your favorite core exercises and perform them to fatigue three to four times each (Don’t forget that your glutes are part of your core) 
·         Do regular cool down

Weight loss tipSnacking on nuts and other high protein snacks will reduce your craving for sugar, plus you will notice a reduction in hunger.  

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