Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Ripped: 10/25/12

As always, Scott Herman wants everyone to look their best and he wants you to do it in a fun and challenging way. In this exercise set up you will use 100% body weight exercises to get yourself pumped. This workout sounds like it might be easy at first, but looks may be deceiving. One thing for sure is that it will give you a great workout that will challenge your muscular strength and endurance. Good luck and have a great time. As always, we must give a high five and thank you to Scott Herman for creating yet another amazing and challenging workout.

Reps and Exercises:

The challenge for this workout is to do 3 rounds as quickly as possible. You might notice that Scott does body weight squats instead of air squats, but at he mentioned before that you may make alternatives. Take it at your own pace and work hard, but don't kill yourself.  

Round 1 - 3
Bear Crawl (40 feet)
Air Squat (45 reps)
Push-Up (25 reps)


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