Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Candy Exchange: 10/30/2012

Every child and some parents look forward to the day of ghosts, gobblins, costumes, and sweet treats. Kids really enjoy going from house to house picking up scary little high fructose corn syrup candies whilst yelling trick or treat. Halloween for children is a magical time that is nearly as magical as Christmas. But if you are trying to teach your child good eating habits then Halloween could be a nightmare. Do you let your kids go door to door collecting sweet morsels?  Do you wish that there might be a way that you could let your child collect that candy and then later trade it all in for something healthy? Looking for something fun that the kids could enjoy after Halloween? Well, I think this might be for you. Live Well Colorado has some great ideas to make this Halloween a happy, safe, and nutritious one; both on Halloween and after. Hope you get to check it out! Don't live in Colorado? Look into a similar project in your neck of the woods, or maybe you could become the force the tries to get kids in your state, city, or neighborhood to live well.

Have a very safe and delicious Halloween!

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