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Exercise of the Day: Floor Wipers: 05/11/2011

Exercise of the Day: Floor Wipers 05/11/2012

Everyone is looking for that perfect abdominal exercise that will do everything. Well, my friends, a perfect exercise really doesn't exist. However, there are some abdominal exercises that can work multiple areas at one time. Some are traditional abdominal exercises and some are functional. Today's exercise is a combination of both, and will leave you feeling accomplished and worked.

Floor Wipers

Floor Wipers is an advance exercise and you should have a partner to assist you if you are new to the exercise,  have any shoulder issues, or are unable to perform a bench press with weights. 

*****At no point in this exercise should you arch your back or press your back into the ground to perform the exercise. Keep your back in a neutral position.

This exercise will focus on:

  • Shoulder joint stabilization
  • Trunk and core stabilization
  • Core strength and motion in multiple planes
  • Hip flexors

Equipment needed:
  • Olympic weight lifting bar
  • Weight plates (45 is the desired lbs unless you are using Olympic Rubber Plates due to relative size, if using lower weighted metal weights than use blocks to life the weights of the ground)
  • Platform (aerobic steppers or blocks), if desired

  • Place desired weights on Olympic bar
  • Secure the plates with a weight clamp
  • Place bar with weight on blocks, if desired (desired for those with shoulder issues or concerned about safety)
  • Get underneath the bar

How to do the exercise:
  • Once under the bar place arms in a comfortable shoulder width position to lift the bar off of the floor or blocks
    • You can also have a partner place the bar into your hands once your are on the floor
  • Neutral position is with the bar place directly over your shoulders with your hands placed slightly outside the shoulders and the bar parallel to the ground
  • Bring both feet to one of the weight plates
  • Return to neutral
  • Bring both feet to the other weight plate
  • Return to neutral
  • Congrats, you have performed one repetition
  • When finished lower the weights to the floor or blocks
  • Get out from under the bar
    • If you are lifting the bar from the floor you can roll the bar back past your head with your head turned to either side.   

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