Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Featured App of the Week: QuitNow!: 05/22/2012


Everyone knows that smoking is a bad habit. And, everyone one that smokes knows that they need to kick the habit. And, many smokers want to quit smoking, but have a great deal of difficulty trying to kick the habit. Research has shown that having a journal to log difficulties, urges, and progress can increase success in changing a habit. Well, QuitNow! just might be the app for you if you are looking to start the quitting process. This app costs $2.99 at both Google Play and the iTunes App Store, but there is a free version out there if you are fine with adds and limited features.  

What the developer says about their app:

Let your Android help you quit smoking!
* This is a "Pro" version, before you by this app, please try the FREE version first.
Are you quitting smoking? Want to quit? Let this application help you!
- Days without smoking
- Cigarettes not smoked
- Money saved
- Time saved
- 9 Aspects of your health that you will see gradually improved
- Tips for quitting
- Facts about snuff
- 30 Achievements to unlock and share with your friends!
- Widget to see your progress
- Gallery
- Share your progress
- Facebook and Twitter integration
Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Greek and Polish.

This app can be found at Google Play and the  iTunes App Store

So, be honest. Do you smoke? If yes, then start the road to a healthier you by quitting.

Do you know someone that smokes? If yes, be annoying and inform your smoking buddy about this app. Who knows they might be one of the million smokers who actually wish to quit smoking, but needs all the assistance that they can get.

This app can be found at Google Play and the  iTunes App Store

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