Thursday, May 17, 2012

Workout Tip: Dynamic Stretching, a Perfect Warm-up: 05/17/2012

Dynamic Stretching as a Lower Body Warm-up

I think that it is common knowledge that a warm-up should take place just before a training session. You probably already have performed these exercises before not even knowing that they are stretching you out. But guess what they did, and you were. What you might not know is that static stretching before a dynamic, speed or power training session might actually inhibit any progress that might be made during your training by over stretching your muscles. So instead of spending time doing static stretches before your workout try doing some dynamic stretches. Here are just a few dynamic stretching exercises that you can add too your routine as a warm-up.

The Scorpion

  1. Lay on your stomach with your  arms out stretched
  2. Take one leg and swing it over your other leg so that your foot touches the ground
  3. Return to neutral and repeat with the other leg.
  4. Tip: use full range of motion
  5. Sets: 3 - 5,  Reps: 30 - 45 seconds

High Legs
  1. Those in ballet do these nearly every day
  2. Stand in one spot with your arms outstretched
  3. Kick one leg out and up as high as possible keeping your knee straight
  4. Reach out with the opposite arm and try to touch your foot with your hand
  5. Return to neutral
  6. Repeat on the other side
  7. Sets: 3 - 5,  Reps: 30 - 45 seconds  

High Knees
  1. Like jogging in place
  2. Make sure that you use your full range of motion in both your arms and your legs
  3. This can be performed as a loco-motor or in place 
  4. Sets: 3 - 5,  Reps: 30 - 45 seconds

Butt Kick
  1. This can be done in place or as a loco-motor
  2. Kick your heel up toward your rear end
  3. Use your full range of motion in your knees and arms to get the most out of this exercise
  4. Sets: 3 - 5,  Reps: 30 - 45 seconds

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