Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Featured Exercise: Cross-Training Cable Circuit: 06/05/2012

Today's workout is brought to you by Scott Herman. Scott is a leader  in exercise fitness and exercise development. He always has developed creative workouts that are challenging, fun, and exciting. This workout is not short or brief, but by the time you are done you will have performed a workout that is full body and incorporates your cardiovascular system and is full of core stabilization.

Reps and sets:

3 sets @ 60 sec per set

This can be done as a circuit with a 1 - 2 min rest in between circuit sets, or you can perform each exercise 3xs with a brief rest in between each set.

Equipment needed:

Cable weight system
Bosu ball


Crane Lunge Pull (version 1)
Chest Fly on Bosu Ball
Alternating Tricep Lunge
Abdominal Twist
Bicep Punch
One-Arm Crossover
Squat Press
One-Leg Crane

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