Thursday, June 14, 2012

Workout Challenge of the Week: Explosive Strength and Power Workout: 06/14/2012

Today's workout is brought to you by Marcus Martinez of Mbody This workout is a circuit that should supplement your cardio work for any day that you do it. The focus of this workout is power and explosion. I would consider this a medium to advanced level workout. Of course anything can be modified, so do so if you feel that you need to change it up for your playing field. 

Here is the breakdown

Exercises and reps:

Alt Sprawl to Snatch-10 each arm
Superman Pushups-10-20
Clapping Pullups-5-15
Kneel To Jump-20
High Swing-20

Explanation and sets:

Rest 60 seconds between sets
Complete 3-5 sets

Perform each circuit as one set


Timer or stopwatch
Pull-up bars


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