Monday, June 11, 2012

Three Back Exercises to Break Away From the Norm: 06/11/2012

It happens all the time, people get accustomed to exercises that they are comfortable with and this can make your workout stale. Here are three exercises that are sure to help you build up a strong back while at the same time help you to enliven your routine.

Single Arm Bent Over Lateral Cable Press

1. Select a weight that you are comfortable with
2. Stand to the side of the cable pulley and grasp the cable with your arm on the opposite side
3. Without bending the elbow (don't cheat by letting the triceps assist) and keeping a straight back raise your arm up and to the side
4. Return to neutral
5. Once you are done with your reps switch to the other side 

Single Arm Bent Over Row

1. Place an Olympic barbell up against a wall or in the corner
2. Select your chosen weight plate to be lifted
3. Using your legs and a flat back lift the barbell so that your back can remain at a 45 degree angle. Keep the weight plate in front of your grip and your arm extended with the barbell at your side
4. Keep your back flat while drawing the weight toward your body
5. Extend your arm back down
6. Once you have finished your chosen reps return the weight to the floor and switch to the other side 

Single Arm Squat with Row

1. Select your chosen weight
2. Grab the pulley grip
3. Stand with an extended arm holding the cable
4. Perform a deep 90 degree squat, or go as low as you safely can
5. On your way up from the squat perform an upward back row (to increase the difficulty perform the row after you have returned from the squat)
6. Extend your arm out resisting the weight stack (keep your shoulder from pulling forward during this portion)
7. Repeat until you have successfully finished your chosen reps
8. Switch arms once your have finished your reps to one side

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