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Guest Writer: David Haas: 06/20/2012

Enjoyable Fitness Activities for Cancer Patients Make a Difference

written by David Haas

Staying fit can benefit anyone, but staying fit for a cancer patient is doubly
important. When a person must withstand the brutal attack of a disease such as
mesothelioma cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, or other forms of cancer, it is
highly important for the individual to try to keep the body as healthy and as in-shape
as possible. When people have cancer, they are at risk for physical illness side
effects such as vomiting, fevers, headaches, and more. A body that is in shape, has
high-energy amounts, and is strong enough to withstand treatments to help end the
disease can potentially battle each of these things.

Harvard University lists some great information that can help women who have
cancer to find ways to be more active. The websites addresses issues such as
cardiovascular workouts and workouts that will help to tone and strengthen the
muscles of the body. In addition to making the body stronger and more capable of
being able to undergo constant rounds of radiation, surgery, and chemo, fitness
workouts also help to boost the energy level in a person’s body.

When family members rally around their loved one who has cancer and participate in
exercise activities with them, this makes fitness enjoyable for cancer patients. The
more enjoy a fitness schedule is, the more likely a person is to stick to the
schedule. Alternating different activities can make a dramatic difference in how
enjoyable fitness activities are from one week to the next. If a person walks every
single day as a form of exercise, this is getting in good fitness activity, yet the
individual may easily grow bored of the activity and stop exercising altogether.

Working out with family and friends is a superb way to remain motivated. This
workout time with loved ones also helps cancer patients to connect with people
close to them and to have an opportunity to vent about things they are worried
about, or to tell about recent triumphs. A close support group is vital to a person
who has cancer keeping a positive attitude. The stronger a person is able to get
through physical exercise, and the more positive support the person has, the better
the individual will be able to face the disease head-on.

Physical and mental strength are important for cancer patients due to the strain their
minds and bodies are placed under while the fight the disease. Oftentimes, physical
fitness activities can be gained through mini weekend getaways by going to a retreat
or on a weekend camping trip.

Each of these things can play a vital role in keeping a person active and also having
important social contact. The more positive a person remains throughout the term of
fighting the disease, the better odds he or she will have of remaining strong while
undergoing treatments that are necessary for eliminating the cancer. Increased
levels of energy and metabolism are another great benefit of regular exercise.

David Haas has a cancer support group and awareness program advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. In addition to researching the many valuable programs available to our site’s visitors, David often blogs about programs and campaigns underway at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, as well as creative fitness ideas for those dealing with cancer, while creating relationships with similar organizations.

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