Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heart Health: 11/14/2012

There are many myths about how to maintain and keep your heart healthy. There really isn't one sure-fire way to make sure that your heart remains in good shape, however, exercise and eating right are definite steps in the right direction.

Here are some myths about your heart health.
  1.  Multi-vitamins will decrease the risk of heart attacks and other heart conditions. Not really true. Though you will get some necessary nutritional content from taking vitamins  that might lower your risk somewhat you will not be able to fight the onset of a heart attack with a Flinstone Vitamin.
  2. Youth will protect you from heart attacks. False, heart attacks are actually on the rise for the younger population segment in the US.
  3. You can tell by looking at your location of fat whether or not you are at risk. True and false. It has been shown that creases on the earlobe, fat deposits around the eye, and large masses of visceral fat surrounding the belly are indications that you are at a higher risk for a heart attack, but these are not definite signs that one will happen.
The only true way to help prevent heart attacks is to eat right, lower your cholesterol intake, don't smoke, and get exercise. For more information about myths about heart health please visit CNN. 

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