Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tabata Madness: 11/11/2012

Tabata is one of the greatest exercise sessions that you can ever put yourself through. It raises your heart rate, builds strength endurance, and increases your post exercise oxygen consumption rate (EPOC). This rise in EPOC can lead to an increase in fat burn and calories burned post exercise. Scott Herman of Scott Herman Fitness leads us through a Tabata session. In his session there are 9 rounds, but in a text book version of Tabata you do 4 exercises  for 20 sec of movement with a 10 sec break 8x with a 1 minute break in between exercises. That sounds like a lot and it is, but you will get the workout of your life. Scott Herman's Tabata isn't textbook, but it is guaranteed to give you a hard workout. You can always modify his version. As with all workouts, no one will call you out on making modifications and making the exercise your own. Have fun and make sure you have a towel and water handy when doing this workout. 


9 rounds
10 seconds of rest
20 seconds of INTENSE exercise

1. Lateral Jump/Cannon Ball (1,3)
2. Push-Up/Lateral Push-Up (2,5)
3. Chin-Up (4,6)
4. Sprint- Outside or Treadmill (7,8,9)

Round 1- Cannonball
Round 2- Lateral Explosive Push-Up
Round 3- Cannonball
Round 4- Chin-Up
Round 5- Lateral Explosive Push-Up
Round 6- Chin-Up
Round 7- Sprint
Round 8- Sprint
Round 9- Sprint


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