Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Fitness Tip #2: 11/22/2012

Portion and alcohol control are very important when it comes to limiting caloric intake. The average American will consume approximately 4500 Kcal on Thanksgiving day alone. That is a lot of calories. To burn that off one must run for roughly four hours straight. 3500 Kcal of unburned fuel = 1 lb of body fat. So it is not unlikely that you might increase your body fat by one pound on Thanksgiving. That is why portion control is important. Alcohol is considered a priority fuel by the body and will be burned off prior to your body using carbs, fats, or even proteins as an energy source. So what that means is that your body will hold onto the other macronutrients while it is burning off the alcohol giving time for your carbs and protein to be converted to fat. Yuck! Limit that special beverage if you are watching your weight. 

Happy Thanksgiving

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