Monday, September 24, 2012

Cardio Blaster: 09/24/2012

Looking for a way to kick up your cardio a notch? Try this on for size. Marcus Martinez from MBodyStrength brings a new workout that features sprints and resistance training to bring you a challenge for your standard sprint interval training. If you like to challenge yourself weekly then I highly recommend giving this workout a try. The good this is that you can take it at your own pace, so pushing yourself til' you vomit is only an option, not a requirement.


Joint Mobility Warm-up:

Light jog around field
Sprint warmup drills: (high knees, carioca, side shuffle, skips)
2x50yd at 70%
5x25yd @90%
5x50yd @ MAX Effort


Alternating Snatch to Catch: 60 seconds
Alternating Pistol Grip Clean and Pistol Grip Toss: 60 seconds
Alternating Flips: 60 seconds
Inverted KB Pushup: 15-20
100 yd run (as fast as you can)
Walk back to rest 
Repeat for a total of 4 sets.

Set 5 Cones 5 yards apart.
2 sets of "Suicides"
Rest 60 seconds between 

Finish with 2 mile run


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