Tuesday, March 20, 2012

App of the Week: 03/20/2012

The app for this week will hopefully allow you to make smarter choices when eat out at a fast/chain food restaurants. We all know that eating out can add extra calories to our diets, and that sometimes those extra calories can be relatively unhealthy calories. However, very few people can say that they never eat out at chain restaurants or fast food restaurants. This is why this app can become very helpful, especially if you catch yourself eating out more than once a week. This app is $0.99 at Google Play (formerly the Android Market), but there is a free version with ads for those that want to test it out before purchasing the app.

The developers description:

Trying to reconcile your diet with your love for fast food? With this handy guide, you can keep your diet on track when you have to eat on the run! Now with 73 restaurants and 9,141 menu items. Each item has nutritional information including calories, fat, carbs, fiber, and protein. FREE updates to come!

Can be found at Google Play by following this link:
Fast Food Calorie Counter

Might be available at the iTunes App Store as well.

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