Monday, March 12, 2012

Fitness Application of the Week 3/12/2012

The featured app for this weeks is the Calories Burned Calculator. This application is a quick source to determine how many calories that you may have burned during activity. Hundreds of activities are listed: from cycling to even sex. Of course this calculator isn't going to be 100% accurate since it can't determine your level of intensity, your lean mass, or even the difficulty that you may have had with the activity. However, you can get a pretty good ball park estimate for the amount of calories that you might have burned through your selected activity.

How does it work? Each activity that humans partake in has a certain level of watts. This wattage is based off of the intensity of the activity, your weight, and the activity type. Humans burn calories when performing a certain activity at a certain wattage for any length of time. This calculator has preprogrammed  information about various activities and uses your weight and duration of activity to determine the amount of calories that you burned during that period of constant movement. Again, this calculator gives estimates, so actual calories burned may be +/- 200 kcal. 

This app can be found FREE on the Android Market (now called Google Play) at:

Calories Burned Calculator

I believe that it is also available at the iTunes App Store

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