Thursday, March 22, 2012

Featured Exercise: Kettlebell Swing to Overhead Squat: 03/22/2012

Today's featured exercise takes a little bit of all of my favorite kettlebell exercises and rolls them all into one exercise that is sure to get your muscles burning and your sweat pouring. You can do this exercise anywhere. This truly a great progression to use as a high repetition exercise, or perform with a set time frame (1 min, 2 min...).

One kettlebell


Starting position: Kettlebell is held in one hand at mid-shin height. Back is straight with a slight lumbar curve 
Stand up and swing kettlebell up to shoulder or slightly above shoulder height

Come back to starting position
Bring the kettlebell directly up the front of the body into a clean with the kettlebell facing in towards the body

Return to starting position

Bringing the kettlebell into a clean with the kettlebell facing the side of the body and press overhead

While keeping the kettlebell overhead transition into an overhead squat.  Make sure that the weight remains
over the midline of your body, and that your knees stay over your feet.

Congrats: You have performed one repetition. This exercise can be performed by alternating arms or you can do a selected set with one arm. That is all up to you. Perform this exercise to maximum repetitions or time yourself. Have fun!


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