Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fitness App of the Week 03/07/2012

The application of the week is the free JEFIT Body Building application for Apple and Android. This application is a must have for anyone that includes a regular resistance training program into their fitness regimen. With this application you can:
  • Keep track of your workouts
  • Manage the exercises that you have created or enjoy
  • Set a 1RM for your exercises and view your progress
  • See your current 1RM for each exercise
  • Superset your workouts
  • Keep a log of your measurements and set goals for your desired measurements
  • Keep a picture log of your progress
  • View hundreds of exercises complete with descriptions and GIF images. 
  • Time your workouts
  • Apply an interval timer to your workouts
  • and much more
I personally use this app on my resistance training days and have found it very helpful. It is wonderful and easy to use. It is almost like a personal trainer in your pocket. For those that would like to be ad free and have some extra options, you can purchase the ads free app for $4.99.

The app can be found on the Android Market at JEFIT

The app can also be found at the Apple AppStore.

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