Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Featured Exercise: Deltoid Busters 03/13/2012

The featured exercise for the week is the Deltoid Buster, which is a complete deltoid workout all in one exercise. This exercise is a combination of a forward shoulder raise, a standing back row, and deltoid extension. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, an exercise band increases the difficulty of this exercise, and the addition of the band is what makes this exercise a deltoid buster.

For those looking to modify the exercise you are in luck, I threw one into the mix. 


  • One dumbbell
  • Resistance band
  • An anchor for the resistance band

How to perform the exercise:

  1. Start with the weight and band in your grip, the palm facing back and at your side or just in front on your leg
  2. Perform a forward shoulder raise
  3. Transition into a standing back row
    1. Modification
      1. turn the palm up when in the end stage of the forward shoulder raise
      2. Transition into a standing low row 
  4. Bring the arm back to a parallel position with the floor (palm facing down)
  5. Transition into shoulder extention
  6. Return to the starting position
  7. You have now performed one repetition
Starting Position

Forward Shoulder Raise

Standing Back Row

Shoulder Extension

Putting it all together!

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