Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Featured Workout: Insane Home Leg Workout: 3/28/2012

Today's featured workout is brought to you by Jeff Cavaliere. This is an intense workout that can be performed with minimal equipment and in a limited time. The concept uses the shot clock from basketball as the timer for each exercise; assuming that you perform each exercise for 35 sec.

The box jumps win again!

Block, stepper, or bench (for jumps)

Exercises: Think of it like a Bracket!

Set #1                     Set #2                             Set #3

                                              Box Jumps                          
Box Jumps              
                                                                                                         Box Jumps
Physioball Leg Curls
                                              Split Squat Jumps (Lunges)
Split Squat Jumps     


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