Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Workout Change-Up: 03/21/2012

Power Push-Ups

The workout for today or at any point this week is to set aside one hour for push-ups. For those that are really trying to up the amount of push-ups that you can accomplish, then this is for you. The goal of this workout is obviously to train your upper body by increasing the volume of push-ups that you can perform.

Exercise description:

For every minute on the minute during a 60 minute period perform 3-10 push-ups. Sounds simple, but trust me, by the time you reach 30 minutes you might be ready to quit. Watch your form, and do this with a friend if it is possible. They will be able to keep you going.


  • 3 push-ups every minute for 60 minutes = 180 push-ups
  • 10  push-ups every minute for 60 minutes = 600 push-ups (WOW! I know.)  

Push up performed with a barbell - adds an instability element

  • Change up your grip to keep your wrists from becoming bothered.
  • Use dumbbells/barbells as a platform
  • Add in some sort of instability factor (medicine ball, Bosu ball, etc...) to increase the level of difficulty
  • Use a pad to cushion your hands and wrists

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