Saturday, August 11, 2012

Burnout: 08/11/2012

Call it plateauing, hitting a wall, or burnout, but it is all the same; it is the feeling that you get when you have taken your body to the limit and nothing you do will keep your body getting stronger, faster, and more powerful.  Burnout happens to all of us, some people get it worse. Usually the cause is doing or performing the same task day after day. This can happen easily with a job that has minimal duties, and it can happen with your workout routine and even your diet. Here are a few tips to help you break that burnout!

  1. Completely revamp your workout exercises: in other words do something completely different that you have either never done before or that might challenge you both mentally and physically
  2. Try working out at a different time of the day, this will keep your metabolism guessing
  3. Add a new exercise or challenge each week there are many groups and trainers that even create great challenge workouts like, Scott Herman, Marcus Martinez, Jeff Cavalier, and Spartan WOD. 
  4. Try working out with a buddy, they can keep you on your toes
  5. Move away from the heavy weights for a week or two and try some functional exercises
  6. Perform functional exercise with high intensity for 20 - 30 minutes
  7. Give Cross fit or Navy Seal training a try
  8. Take a week off. Maybe your burnout isn't burnout after all, but over-training
When all else fails do some research on your own and find what has helped others. This could involve asking a friend, reading some magazine articles, or simply searching the internet. Good luck with breaking your burnout! We have all been there and hopefully most of us have been able to break the rut. 

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