Thursday, August 30, 2012

Macronutrients: 08/30/2012

Macronutrients are probably some of the most important nutrients that you can feed yourself. Why? They give you energy and eating the right ones can actually increase your energy production helping you to go that extra mile. Nutrition is just important as exercise in maintaining a healthy body. A lot of athletes already know this, but did you know that it is important to keep a log of your diet to make sure that you are getting the nutrients that you need. For more information on an athletes diet please read Calculating an Athletes Dietary Needs. In this video Scott Herman breaks it down for us.

Words from Scott Herman:

Macronutrients are very important you you need to keep track of them on a daily basis if you want to hit your fitness goals. Here, we give you a brief rundown of what they are and how to calculate them when trying to put a meal plan together.

If you still need some help, check out the meal plan system on my website. It does all the calculations for you and helps you determine what your daily calorie intake should be as well.

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