Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Featured App: RunKeeper:04/11/2012

Want to keep track of your runs, walks, hikes....? It is easy with RunKeeper. This app is free with no advertising, but there are Pro "Elite" features where you can purchase a subscription. The Elite version use to be a flat rate, but now these features are released at $4.99 p/mo or $19.99 p/y. The subscription does have some amazing features like: live activity broadcasting, discounted FitnessClasses and advanced reports to track your training. I would recommend trying it first for free to see if you would like to purchase the apps subscription. Learn more about the subscription by going to RunKeeper Elite. There are various other apps that will use your GPS to track your training and I will introduce those later on so you can find the perfect one for you to use this summer. GPS is a must have if you want to keep track your times and distances with near pinpoint accuracy.

What the developer says:

Track, measure, and improve your fitness.
RunKeeper uses GPS to track your fitness activities, including distance, time, pace, calories, heart rate, and path traveled on a map.
RunKeeper also provides audio cues, customized interval workouts, manual entry for treadmill and other cardio equipment, integrated RunKeeper FitnessClasses and no advertising.
For more information on heart rate monitors that work with RunKeeper see

You can find this app at GooglePlay at RunKeeper

The app is also available at the iTunes App Store

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