Thursday, April 19, 2012

Featured Workout: Functional Exercises: For Lower Extremity Injury Prevention

Many people forget to workout there legs. Worse yet, many people don't focus on balance, stability, or even gross functional movement. It is essential to include these qualities in at least one workout session a week to limit the chances for falling. Falling is the #1 cause for injuries in all people and this risk increases as we age. Today's featured workout is brought to you by Scott Herman.

Hurdle or something to step over
Theraband or Full Loop Band

Reps & Sets:
Perform 3 exercises or all of them
1 circuit
10-20 reps
1 second per rep

Hurdle Walk
Lateral Walk
Forward Walk
Backward Walk
Sideways Shuffle 
Forward Monster Walk
Backward Monster Walk

Single-Leg Squat
Side Single-Leg Squat
Bosu Ball Single-Leg Squat

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