Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Featured Exercise: Single Leg Cannonball Squats: 04/10/2012

The featured exercise for the day is the single leg cannonball squat. This exercise emphasizes core, balance, and total leg strength. This exercise is perfect to add into your favorite interval training routine, and is a modification on the cannonball squat.

Starting position

Perform an eccentric single leg squat and land softly on your gluteus. Do not stop the momentum; you will need to sustain all momentum to perform the next step. 

After landing the single leg squat you will progress into a roll onto  your back. Don't go too far back, just far enough to produce enough momentum to get back onto your glutes so you can get back onto your support leg. Perform a concentric single leg squat to get to your starting position. This is one repetition on one leg.


Safety tips:
Keep your knee in alignment with your feet and toes.
Make sure that your knee does not pass over the tips of your toes.
If needed perform the exercise with two legs before progressing to the single leg version if you are unfamiliar with a cannonball squat. 

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